Protect your investment!

A boat lift from Kentucky Boat Lifts can add years of life to your boat. A boat lift will keep your vessel safely above the damaging effects of algae and damaging waves beating your boat up against a dock. Your boat will go faster and get better gas mileage if it has a clean bottom. Your boat will also have a much higher resale value.

Features include:

Polyethylene tanks that are totally enclosed and carry a lifetime warranty
U.S. Steel that has been hot dip galvanized to make your boat lift purchase a lasting investment
Bushing 2Bushing 1 Poly Bushings are used in side mount hoists arms in order to reduce wear and lift noise
Motor Box Lockable deck mounted control boxes for security and ease of operation. All motor boxes come pre-wired with GFI (ground fault interrupter)
Safety Valve An exclusive feature is a safety valve mounted directly into the tank. This assures that your boat will remain high and dry should an air leak occur in your hose
Lifts have been proven over 25 years